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Born in Ireland!

What is Sharedrobes?

Sharedrobes is a revolutionary affordable peer-to-peer clothing rental platform with categories for Women (including Maternity) and Men.

You will also find services such as dry cleaning, garment alteration, photography and shoe repair from independent shops, offering their services at a discounted price, for Sharedrobes members only.

We are on a mission...

To make it easier than ever for you to shine while minimising the impact of fashion on our planet’s health by enabling everyone to share their occasion clothes and rent the items they need.

Why renting is better for all of us?

  • Infinite Wardrobe 
Imagine a wardrobe in which we'll always find what we want. Takes up no space in our rooms and keeps everything clean.
  • 100% Flexible
Life happens! Our choices, sizing and budget will regularly change over time. Well now so will our wardrobe!
  • 10X more profitable
Selling is only one transaction. Sharing is many transactions, and it can make clothing items 10-times more profitable over time.

  • Environmentally Kind
Most of what we own ends up lost in our wardrobes or landfills. By renting, we will be helping the environment and all of us!

Our Values

  • Passion
We love what we are doing. We are deeply passionate about our mission.
  • Urgency
Time waits for no one. There's only so much time in our lives to make an impact!
  • Resilience
It's no surprise that life is not easy. We'll keep at it no matter what comes our way.
  • Empathy
We put ourselves in your shoes and together we can live in a better world.


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